High and Low Temperature Labels

Some label materials are required to with stand certain temperatures.
Cryogenic – temperatures down to -196°C to +120°C
High Temp Polyester – 150°C for 60 Minutes
200°C for 30 Minutes
We supply quality Polyesters for both ranges and are available in roll format for thermal transfer printing and in the case of Cryogenic labels for laser printers in sheet format.
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High Temp Polyester

This Thermal Transfer printable Polyester is designed to meet the increased performance quality demanded by use at extremely high temperatures. Labels are suitable for thermal transfer printing.

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Enhanced Temperature Resistance 150°C for 60 Minutes
    200°C for 30 Minutes
  • Very Durable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Exceptional Printability
  • Maintain whiteness, barcode legibility and adhesive when exposed to temperatures above

Where commonly used:

Cryogenic Polyester

Cryogenic labels are the perfect solution when labels need long time storage for deep-freezing or in liquid Nitrogen where reliable identification is important.


  • Available on the rolls or on sheets for laser printing
  • High initial tack to both low and high surface energy substrates
  • Can be immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C
  • Excellent performance combined with very good solvent and temperature resistance
  •  Adhesive suitable for exposure to liquid nitrogen
  • Good UV Resistance

Where commonly used
Clinical Laboratories
Bio-Medical Research
Scientific Environments

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