High optically clear printable polyester with “easy apply” properties. With the added benefit of being 100% PVC free, so environmentally friendly.

The “dry”™, ultra-smooth film is based on the same technology used to protect smartphone screens and can printed with bespoke designs. With its superior scratch resistant coating offering smooth movement over the surface it also resists minor scratch in clear areas

The film can be removed and re-used making it attractive to retailers that want to advertise short-term promotions in their windows or offer personalise smartphone screens and decoration to other glass like surfaces.

The “easy apply” film can also be applied to pre-installed solar and safety films without fear of damage to their hard coated surface.

If you are a designer this is a dream product as it provides you with a blank canvass to design whatever you want to a glass like surfaces

Any quantity from a full colour digitally printed one off sticker to print runs of hundreds.

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